Oprah's library in california

Having been formerly in the employ of Oprah (not that she ever knew my name), I was especially excited to see an issue of O, at Home dedicated to books and libraries — and promising an inside look at Oprah’s personal library.

I’m building my own little fledgling “library” of first editions, gathering favorite books that I will always have at my fingertips and can share with loved ones. But my library consists of three shelves, hardly a room filled with 1500 volumes.

oprahslibraryOprah has some help, of course — she’s hired a consultant, a rare-books dealer who builds private libraries for wealthy clients. That might be nice, but what about the thrill of the hunt? And if you’re too busy to gather your own books over time, I wonder if the books in Oprah’s library will ever actually come down off the shelves?

Maybe not all of them, but I’m sure the autographed first edition of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and the first edition of John Steinbeck‘s first novel Cup of Gold have made it down a few times. Quite the rare pieces!

Read the article about Oprah’s library at Oprah.com.