Signed first editions are often worth much more than their unsigned counterparts. Take Cold Mountain, by Jonathan Frazier, for example. One of the first edition points is “man woman” for “mad woman” on page 25.  Unsigned Fine copies are listed on Alibris for around $75-$100. Signed Fine copies are listed from $100 up to around $450 (if the $100 copy is in as good condition as claimed, then that appears to be quite the deal). But you get my point.

How do you get a signed copy? You can keep an eye out for book tours. Your local bookstores likely have an event calendar; check online or call the store to see if they have a mailing. One problem is that if you wait to buy a copy of the book the day of the signing, the copies available likely won’t be First Printings anymore. So make sure that you get a First Printing of the First Edition ahead of time (if you’re purchasing it elsewhere, make sure this is okay with the bookstore).

If you live in an area that doesn’t have a lot of bookstores or authors traipsing through, don’t despair. Websites of large bookstores now allow you to preorder signed copies in connection with their upcoming events. Again, you’ll want to ensure that the copy you’re purchasing is a First Printing, and that might entail calling the store to double check.

Resources for finding signed copies:

Good luck!